Passes One Million Users, my favorite business networking tool, has just passed one million members. I started using it last November, and was the 4th person in the Provo, UT area. Now there are more than 1,200 members in the Provo area. I am the \”most LinkedIn\” person in Utah, with 236 connections. But that\’s nothing. Thomas Power, from the UK, has 3688 connections. He\’s been a full-time business networker for several years.

Instant Messaging and Social Networking: ICQ Universe

I haven\’t been a fan of instant messaging, but many of my co-workers swear by it. I just don\’t like constant interruptions when I am thinking, writing, researching or working on anything for that matter. I\’m considering using MSN instant messenger with my new Suunto watch, but I still haven\’t decided if I want to be that reachable.

New LinkedIn Feature

Finally! I have been sending and receiving 100-200 emails per day for several years now, and it has always been frustrating for me that Outlook provides no easy way for me to turn incoming emails (or outgoing emails) into Contacts. is now offering a free Outlook plug-in tool that does just that. I just ran the "collecting contacts" feature on my current and archived email lists and it came back with several hundred old contacts with whom I am no longer in touch.

Most LinkedIn Person in the World

I learned this week about Thomas Power, the man from the UK, who claims to be #1 in the world in business connections. He has more than 1600 connections in, an unbelievable number! I\’ve been using actively since November and have 151 connections. I\’m the most LinkedIn person in Utah. But Mr. Power (I\’d say he is well named!) has totally surpassed supreme online influencers like Joitchi Ito and Reid Hoffman, founder of It turns out he is a full-time professional business networker. He runs, a business networking company with 26,000 members. Many of his online connections and endorsements come from people he\’s never met, but still, he seems to have earned this recognition. He must spend a lot of time forwarding referrals to and from members he has never met.