Awesome Free Desktop Search Tool

So I\’ve tested Copernic Desktop Search. It\’s a free download from My conclusion: I greatly prefer it to X1, which I paid $99 for earlier this year. Copernic has a way better user interface, is far easier to use, and clusters \”hits\” in nice date range groups. The only downside is it seems to take more CPU indexing my hard drive in the background. X1 didn\’t make an observable difference in my computer speed.

I like Copernic so much that I sent this email today to all the employees of Infobase Ventures portfolio companies:

Turning Off Comments on My Blog

I had to turn comments off because so many people complained at how slow my blog was. I did some research. It turns out Radio Userland has to count the number of comments before it displays my blog, and that can slow it way down. So I turned off comments.

But I really miss the feedback and the conversation. I\’m a lonelier blogger now.

I\’m looking for a remotely-hosted message board that I can link to whenever I post. My two top candidates so far are and

Can anyone give me a recommendation?

Innovation Summit at Stanford

I\’ll be attending the Innovation Summit this week at Stanford University. Some of my favorite VCs and technology visionaries will be presenting. I can\’t blog from my laptop or blackberry yet (my Radio Userland blogging software is installed on my desktop only), but I know it\’s possible. When I attend conferences I usually take notes at every session, typing at breakneck speed.