Winner of Largest Technology Award

Tim Berners Lee is the first winner of the world\’s largest technology award, a prize of $1.23 million awarded by the Finnish Technology Award Foundation for inventing the simple protocols that created the powerful world wide web. Definitely well deserved. The fact that he never commercialized his invention but rather made it a public good — with the huge adoption rates that followed — guarantees him a place as one of the innovators with the greatest impact in the history of the world. The web has completed changed the world.

I love my Suunto watch

I love my Suunto phone with MSN direct internet service. I get news headlines, stock quotes, weather and now sports scores for my favorite NBA teams. I recharge the watch about twice a week. It\’s no problem. My favorite feature, though, is having my Outlook appointments sent to my watch. This is all done through FM radio transmission. It\’s way cool. Highly recommended (though a bit pricey).

Kudlow & Cramer on TV

I love Kudlow & Cramer, but have missed it for about two weeks. Finally I realized the time slot had been switched. So I set my PVR to record it every day at 3:00 pm. I just caught 10 minutes of today\’s show. They highlighted Yahoo\’s break-out earnings, Dell\’s revised guidance upwards, and interviewed the CEO of SIRIUS (a satellite radio company) that has struck deals with at least three major auto manufacturers. I love Larry Kudlow and Jim Cramer and how bullish they are on tech stocks because of productivity and profits.

Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum Lunch

Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum Lunch, April 8th, 11:45 pm, Provo Marriott

Featured speaker will be Warren Osborn, successful serial entrepreneur. (I met Warren years ago: he�was one of our first board members and investors in

His new company Seastone provides more than 100 million tin containers�for direct marketing and packaging purposes each year. He has strong manufacturing and business connections in China.�He harvested his first company, a very successful video duplication company in the 90s.