Perfect Score on Pew News IQ Quiz — Whew!

via In addition to my day job, trying to build into a technology company that helps families connect online, I’m spending more and more time studying politics, history, and economics. (My college major was originally political science, until I switched to Russian.) I search in the Congressional Record often and watch CSPAN regularly.Continue reading “Perfect Score on Pew News IQ Quiz — Whew!”

Online Gaming Market in China Approaching $1 Billion Per Quarter

In the second quarter of this year, China’s online game revenues grew 39.5 percent year-on-year to $906 million, with online operator Tencent Holdings leading the charge ahead of competitors Shanda and World of Warcraft operator NetEase. via Posted via web from Paul’s posterous

MediaPost Publications U.S. Online Spend Might Not Equal UK’s, But It’s Getting There 10/01/2009

In the UK, Internet ad spending just surpassed TV adverting, according to a report by the Internet Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers, as the Web now accounts for 23.5% of all ad money, while TV ad spend accounts for 21.9% of marketing budgets. via This same article states that digital ad spending in the U.S.Continue reading “MediaPost Publications U.S. Online Spend Might Not Equal UK’s, But It’s Getting There 10/01/2009”

GovTrack: Bills by Subject: Derivative Securities

Derivative securities bills Below are the bills that are related to the “Derivative securities” subject term. Click the Add Tracker button to the right to subscribe to this subject term. There is no legislation in this session of Congress for this subject term. This subject term is no longer used. In 2009, the Congressional ResearchContinue reading “GovTrack: Bills by Subject: Derivative Securities”

Prediction: Amazon to Sell 10 Million Kindle E-Book Readers

Have you bought  a Kindle? Do you plan on buying a Kindle? If you answered yes to either question, you’re part of a not-that-small group: JP Morgan estimates that some 10 million Americans either own one of Amazon’s e-book readers or plan to get one soon. That projection comes from a survey of Web usersContinue reading “Prediction: Amazon to Sell 10 Million Kindle E-Book Readers”

20% of Online Advertising is on Social Networks

More than one in five of all online ads are served on social networks. MySpace still leads the pack with 9.2% of all online ads, and Facebook is a close second with 8.2%. The 3.7% of online ads served on social networks is split among such sites as,,, Bebo, and otherContinue reading “20% of Online Advertising is on Social Networks”

Financial Crisis Stems From Lack of Trust, Disappearance of “True Value”

Princeton economist and former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich agrees that Wall Street’s biggest problem right now is the collapse of trust: The problem is, government bailouts, subsidies, and insurance aren’t really helping Wall Street. The Street’s fundamental problem isn’t lack of capital. It’s lack of trust. And without trust, Wall Street might as wellContinue reading “Financial Crisis Stems From Lack of Trust, Disappearance of “True Value””

Importance of Facebook in Political Campaigns

Indeed, Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes helped organize the social media parts of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign last year. For example, it was the first presidential campaign to launch Facebook Connect support — early in the campaign, in the fall of 2008. Obama’s campaign went on to trounce opponents in terms of Facebook fans, with hisContinue reading “Importance of Facebook in Political Campaigns”