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Marty Fahncke, an outstanding direct-response marketer, finally convinced me to join with him as he launches I guess he really couldn\’t have done it without me. Our first conference call, where I will answer questions from listeners about internet marketing and other entrepreneurial topics, will be held on Thursday, September 7th at 1 pm MST. This is a free conference call, so register now for one of the limited spaces.

May I help you grow your business with powerful internet marketing tactics?

Yes, this is an advertisement.

It\’s an invitation for you to bring your startup company to the new Provo Labs Academy, where you will learn dozens of important internet marketing tactics that can help you find more success for your business.

In September, a new office building will open in Provo with space for dozens of small startup companies. It is adjacent to BYU on Ninth East, across from the Creamery on Ninth. If you like the BYU Dairy chocolate milk (best tasting in the world) you will love moving your small business into our new space.

Inspiring Conference for Social Entrepreneurs Planned in Utah

I just heard about a great full-day conference on October 6th that will be well worth attending. (I think it will be in Layton, Utah.) I know several of the speakers and they are outstanding, world-changing individuals. I can\’t imagine not coming away very motivated and inspired by these entrepreneurs.

Please check it out.

Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum: Top 25 Under 5 Next Week

Please put this on your calendar–a great annual event celebrating fast growing young companies in Utah. 25 companies will be highlighted that are under 5 years old. Visit the UVEF web site to learn more about the organization that runs this program. This is kind of a pre-Utah 100 and pre-Inc 500 celebration, since it honors even younger companies.


(Please note change of location from Provo Novell Building G to Building A)

Provo Lab\’s Eleven Bets

So in the past 7 months, Provo Labs has started or invested in 11 companies. It\’s been a bit wild.

So for the next 6 months at least, we are going to stop investing and incubating new ideas and focus 100% of our energies on helping our current portfolio with revenue growth, with the goal of getting each company to cash flow positive without any additional investment from Provo Labs.

Omniture IPO!

I\’m so happy for everyone associated with Omniture for successfully completing its IPO today. The shares opened at $6.50 and ended the day up slightly at $6.53 per share. Visit Yahoo Finance for more. This high tech IPO is a big deal for Utah, which needs more IPOs. And Omniture now has a war chest to help it maintain its leadership position in the web analytics space.

Entrepreneur Brainstorm Lunch on Thursday in Provo

We are restarting the Entrepreneur Brainstorm lunches again. Next one will be Thursday, June 22nd, at noon.

The first 15 entrepreneurs to sign up will be invited to join me for lunch at a local restaurant. (Everyone pays their own way.)

The format is informal. Each of us will introduce ourself and our business to the group and share with the group our biggest challenge or issue. Then the group will brainstorm with us to try to find solutions or possible answers to help us with our problem.