Gallup, Meet Utah. Utah, Meet Gallup.

Gallup has been conducting polls throughout the United States for decades. And Gallup knows Utah well because Utah — or its largest metro areas — is often highly ranked for things like frequent church attendance, daily learning, optimism, charitable donations, well-being and more. Utah also ranks very low for things like the smoking rate andContinue reading “Gallup, Meet Utah. Utah, Meet Gallup.”

Meetups for Utah Entrepreneurs

If you are a founder or co-founder of a startup company in Utah, check out the Entrepreneur Brainstorm Lunches that are being held a couple of times per month. The next one is tomorrow at Mimi’s Cafe in Orem, starting at 11:30 am. The format is simple. Everyone buys their own lunch. Every founder gets toContinue reading “Meetups for Utah Entrepreneurs”

Political Meetup in Provo

I updated my Financial Crisis Reading List today with two must read books: Republic, Lost: How Money Corrupts Congress and a Plan to Stop It by Lawrence Lessig. ( Throw Them All Out by Peter Schweitzer. ( A week or so ago, I had lunch with someone who has read almost everything on my reading list. MyContinue reading “Political Meetup in Provo”

Never Eat Alone – Brainstorm Lunches for Utah Entrepreneurs

Never Eat Alone – Brainstorm Lunches for Utah Entrepreneurs   A few years ago, inspired by the book Never Eat Alone, I started holding casual, pay-for-your-own-lunch lunches with other entrepreneurs in Utah. We called these “entrepreneur brainstorm lunches.” We usually held them at Magelby’s restaurant, where at the end of the meal for some reasonContinue reading “Never Eat Alone – Brainstorm Lunches for Utah Entrepreneurs”

Rural entrepreneurship

On Saturday, I’ll be speaking in Kanab about technology enabling rural entrepreneurship. I have spoken at a few rural business conferences in Utah in the past. Usually I talk about how internet marketing (Google AdWords, affiliate marketing) and social media (blogging, Twitter, Facebook) can help rural businesses grow. But this time I’m hoping to addressContinue reading “Rural entrepreneurship”

Four Steps to the Epiphany Author Speaking in Utah

Just spreading the word…. ENTREPRENEURSHIP NETWORKING LUNCHEON featuring Steve Blank (rising celebrity in the entrepreneurship world) “Why Accountants Don’t Run Startups” Thought leader in entrepreneurship, Steve Blank, author of “The Four Steps to the Epiphany,” will share his current thinking about startups, how and why they’re different than large companies, and a few thoughts aboutContinue reading “Four Steps to the Epiphany Author Speaking in Utah”

July 9 Meeting for Utah iPhone Developers

From Cary Snowden, one of the administrators of the Utah iPhone Developers Group on Facebook.   The Utah iPhone Developer Group has announced their next meeting. Here are the details. For those of you who are already working on iPhone apps, this is a great way to connect with the local iPhone developer community. IfContinue reading “July 9 Meeting for Utah iPhone Developers”

Utah Angel Investor of the Year

On Tuesday, June 23rd at the Hilton Hotel in Salt Lake City, FundingUniverse will be announcing the first ever Utah Angel Investor of the Year award winner. The top 15 finalists for this award are Alan Hall, Craig Earnshaw, David Carter, Gary Williams, Hal Widlansky, JD Gardner, John Richards, Kent Thomas, Kyle Love, Mark Madsen, Martin Frey, Nobu Mutaguchi, Robert Kunz, Scott Frazier and Warren Osborn. Having been a bigContinue reading “Utah Angel Investor of the Year”

First Utah iPhone Developers Meetup

Last year I started a Facebook group for Utah iPhone developers. The group now has 146 members. Recently, Cary Snowden (of CrunchLunch fame) and Brad Hintze jumped in to help run the group, and they have actually started organizing real world (hopefully monthly) meetings for this group. The first meetup will be at Novell (buildingContinue reading “First Utah iPhone Developers Meetup”

Utah Entrepreneurs: Don’t Miss This Free Lecture Series

Josh Coates is one of the most talented and energetic entrepreneurs/engineers I have ever met. I had the pleasure of serving on his advisory board at for a brief period as he was first launching his company. He outgrew my very part time services very quickly and I watched him build a very excitingContinue reading “Utah Entrepreneurs: Don’t Miss This Free Lecture Series”