Salt Lake City Jumps 73 Places in List of Top Cities for Doing Business

Reno, NV is ranked #1 and Boise, ID is ranked #2 in this years ranking of the top cities in which to do business, based primarily on economic growth. The survey was published today by Inc. Magazine. Salt Lake City ranks #31 but jumped an impressive 73 places. A total of 274 economic regions were studied. Read the full article here.

Keeping Up on Utah Business

A lawyer visiting from Texas (BYU alum) asked me yesterday about the most exciting companies in Utah and the sectors where I am seeing the most startups. I told him I\’m more entrepreneur than investor, so I haven\’t mentally categorized the hottest sectors for startups, but I did mention that Governor Leavitt had in mind 9 \”economic ecosystems\” where he thought Utah companies could do well.

Talented Utah Entrepreneur Seeking CS Team

Robert Stevens is on the verge of major success. He is a software engineer turned internet marketer/entrepreneur. He knows how to develop great software and market it successfully. He\’s launching a disruptive business model in the architectural space using web services. Because he is a friend and has great ideas, and because anyone who works with him is going to get immersed in the tactics required for online success, I told him I\’d post this recruitment message that he sent to me yesterday:

Hi Paul,

I\’m looking for two Computer Science Instructors